Facts & Questions

Are you licensed & insured?

Yes, I’m a licensed and insured full-time wedding photographer.

Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes, I also bring back-up.

Do you edit all photographs, and how many will I receive?

A typical wedding lasting eight hours generally results in 600 to 1,200 images. I edit every single one.

How long until we can see our images?

Usually within 7 weeks… but time may vary depending on time of year.

Does my online gallery ever expire?

Your images will be available in your online gallery for a minimum of five years.

How would you describe your style?

It’s difficult to pinpoint, but I would describe my style as a blend of photojournalism, modern portraiture and fine art. Most of all, I love capturing genuine moments and emotions!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I accept all major credit cards, and a nominal transaction fee will apply. I also accept cash, checks and PayPal.

Why do you charge sales tax?

If the final product results in a tangible good (DVD and albums), I am required by law to charge sales tax at my local rate. You have the option to forego these items and save a little money on sales tax. Either way, you will always have access to download all of your image through your online gallery.

Should we hire a wedding coordinator?

Yes! A coordinator can save unnecessary costs, headaches and allows the day to flow more smoothly. If price is a hurdle, consider hiring someone just for the day of the wedding.

Do I have printing rights to all of my images?

Yes, you will receive a release document that will allow you to print your images anywhere you choose. You’re also given the option to order prints with me through your online gallery.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

Yes! A wedding photography collection would not be complete without good details and family photos, and we take all the photographs you would expect out of any wedding photographer. But our goal is to also go past those expectations and give you photographs that you never even imagined.

My fiancé is uncomfortable having his picture taken. How can you help him on the wedding day?

We are all very calm, mellow people who tend to blend into the scene rather than bring attention to ourselves and our cameras. That, combined with our relaxed style, will have you both used to us within the first half hour of your getting-ready time. Most couples tell us it felt like we were just one of the gang, hanging out with everyone. The only time you’ll really be aware of the cameras is during the family group shots and the creative portraits, and during this time we will guide you through everything. You can just be yourselves, and we will take care of the rest.

What do you do if we have an outdoor venue and it rains on our wedding day?

Most venues will offer you a rain plan with a backup indoor location. We easily adapt to any situation. Our favorite wedding photos have a lot more to do with your personalities and your chemistry as a couple, then what kind of background you’re standing in front of. If you are happy and in love, that will show in your photos. We see rain as a fun, adventurous twist that usually brings laughter and spontaneity.

Should I give you a shot list?

When you contact us about shooting your wedding, we will send you a full gallery of a real wedding to look through. You will see that we are very thorough with our coverage, including shots of your dress, jewelry, shoes, flowers, food and reception décor. There is no need to give us a shot list. The only list we will ask for is your list of family group shots.

How many Photographers will be shooting my wedding?

Sarah Dawson and an associate photographer will be covering your day. A second photographer is required for weddings with more than 50 guests. The second photographer is chosen from a short list of very talented people we are used to working with. The second photographer is responsible for shooting the groom getting ready, all details, providing a second angle on the ceremony and reception, and assisting the lead photographer with off-camera lighting for creative portraits.

How do I book you as my photographer?!

Please send us an inquiry or an email to sarah@sarahdawson.net and we can get the ball rolling!  I'd be happy to share my package information to decide what services best fit your wants and needs.  A contract and retainer lock in your date to make it official!

We look forward to hearing from you!