This is where I get to tell you a little about me. As a wedding and portrait photographer for over 10 years, i’ve photographed over 300 weddings and that is the last time I tried to keep a tally. I’ve won a few awards, had my personal work published in art magazines, traveled to distant lands and have witnessed a whole lot of love. I live in Oakland, CA but call the world my home.

In my down time I am an avid adventurer but happy to pass the time connecting with newand old friends, snuggling my dog Judy, playing music or using my camera to give back.

For me being a photographer is more than a just career. It is my voice, it is my passion. I am grateful every day that I get to do what I love; tell stories and celebrate people’s lives. If I get the opportunity to share a glimpse into your journey, then I thank you.



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